Льюис Кэрролл. "Алиса"

Всё о Льюисе Кэрролле и его книге "Приключения Алисы"

Marshall Vandruff

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Иллюстрации к "Алисе" американского художника Маршалла Вандрофф



Marshall Vandruff:

I did these illustrations of Alice in Wonderland because I love the book













Marshall Vandruff 

Laguna Niguel, California


I am a teacher of classic drawing, painting, storytelling and pictorial arts.

I've taught part-time at Fullerton College for 23 years (1984-2007).

My classes have included:

Anatomy for Artists (13 semesters) Perspective & Rendering (5 semesters) Drawing from the Masters (15 semesters) Illustration (9 semesters) Watercolor Painting (11 semesters) In 1996, Don Lagerberg hired me to teach at California State University Fullerton.

My classes at CSUF have been:

Life Drawing (7 semesters) Animal Drawing (9 semesters) Sequential Art (14 semesters) Since 1997 I've taught various classes for the Laguna College of Art and Design, including:

Animal Drawing Watercolor Artistic Anatomy Visual Thinking Comic Book Illustration Children's Book Illustration Sequential Art Directing for Animation (co-taught with Aubry Mintz) Fullerton College invited me as Artist-In-Residence in Spring 2003.

I made my living as an illustrator for about twenty years, and learned how to draw by teaching classic draftsmanship in colleges. I love learning and working in classrooms when the students love the subject.

Since 1999, I have taught Sequential Art for a total of 29 semester sessions at LCAD and CSUF.

Now I do seminars and itinerant teaching all over Southern California. I regularly teach my Composition For Artists seminar at the LA Academy of Figurative Art. I've also taught Composition and Anatomy in the following corporate art departments:

Interplay Corporation Insomniac Games Rockstar Games Blizzard Entertainment A large, famous entertainment empire in Anaheim that had me sign an agreement not to use their name to promote my teaching. But it went well. I am an illustrator combining traditional and digital media.

I graduated from Fullerton College in 1979 with honors and a 3.975 GPA.

I have been a free-lance illustrator since 1980. http://www.marshallart.com/





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